Captive Insurance Company

A Series LLC Captive Insurance Company* can provide small and mid-sized business owners the following benefits:  

  • Premiums paid to a captive may be 100% deductible under IRC 162 as an ordinary and necessary business expense.
  • Premiums received by a captive maybe tax free if premiums received are under $1.2 Million and the captive elects to be taxed under IRC section 831(b).
  • Potential for asset accumulation and estate planning opportunities.
  • Captive assets are protected from the parent (business that established captive) company creditors
  • Distributions paid out should be taxed at the long-term capital gains rate as qualifying dividends. 

*Creation of the Captive Insurance Company subsidiary is arranged by an independent third party specialist.

To speak to one of our valued team members regarding a Captive Insurance Company, please call (800) 535-0944, or email our team by clicking here.

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