Health and Welfare Captives

Why evaluate a Captive?

The advantages of captives are multiple and can be significant:

  • Potential short and long-term cost savings
  • Customized employee benefits designs and property & casualty programs
  • Enterprise risk financing applications
  • Potential financial efficiencies like cash flow and insurance

Those are just a few of the benefits of captives. The bottom line with captives is that they offer significantly more efficiency, flexibility and control than a typical fully-funded solution. If this sounds even slightly appealing, you owe it to your company and your employees to to learn more about the Captive as a solution to manage the ever-rising costs of group health insurance. 

Save and Manage Costs

  • Accelerate cash flow through premiums, claims and reserves
  • Reduce costs (taxes, risk charges, administration, underwriting)
  • Capture investment return 
  • Improve cash flow and centralize investment of reserves 
  • Captive underwriting savings

Increase Control

  • Design coverage and provisions of benefits
  • Improve data management and claim cost management
  • Remove insurer’s profit loading
  • Improve management reporting and understanding of risks

Improve Risk Management

  • Operate and manage a central risk pool 
  • Implement appropriate stop loss reinsurance to manage peak risks
  • Reduce overall cost of risk
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