Health & Welfare

Have the rising costs of your Group Benefit Plans got you down?

Is your organization's Profit and Loss Statement adversely impacted by your benefit plan costs?

Do you have over 100 subscribers on your health plan?

If your answer is yes to any of the questions above, we can help!


Our licensed patented algorithm can marshal the power of two decades of research, underwriting experience and technological innovation to gain a new edge in controlling and lowering your company’s health insurance costs.

You know that reducing health insurance costs goes straight to your bottom line. In many cases reductions in cost mean reductions in benefits, and giving your employees less — but not with our licensed proprietary algorithm.

Our partner has developed a breakthrough technology created by mathematicians and benefit underwriters for benefit buyers. This algorithm controls the process of premium rate setting in ways never before possible.

Our partner's experienced underwriting team has honed their skills in the actuarial divisions of large international insurance companies. We are experts in the study of rate-setting methods used to develop a benefit plan’s premium rates and risk projections.  We apply our underwriting knowledge to reset a benefit plan’s risk in a manner that is advantageous to our clients. Our first-hand knowledge of the rate-setting and risk-projection process enables us to expose and challenge elements of the renewal process that underlie inequitable premium charges and cost increases. With this insight our team works aggressively as your staunch advocate in negotiating the best possible rates for your plan with the carrier.  We are not aware of another brokerage firm that utilizes this model based on feedback we have received from various carriers.

Our rate negotiation and underwriting services include:

  • Mock renewal
  • Monthly, quarterly, semiannual or annual claim analysis and review
  • Custom Claim Flow Reports
  • Comparative review of alternative underwriting philosophies and practices
  • Rate renewal negotiations Reinsurance underwriting
  • Alternative plan funding, including: self-insurance, minimum premium, health reimbursement accounts (HRA’s), health savings accounts (HSA’s), and flexible spending accounts (FSA’s).

Discover how CHBG can ensure your company is getting the lowest premium rates for your benefit plan by scheduling a convenient “second opinion” and review of your existing plans and prior renewals. To learn more about our process call (800) 535-0944 X-701 or email