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Technology to Reduce Health Insurance Costs

Now you can utilize the power of decades of research, underwriting experience and technological innovation to gain an innovative edge in controlling and lowering your organizations health insurance and benefit costs.

You know that reducing your organizations health care costs goes straight to your bottom line. In many cases, reductions in cost translate to reductions in actual benefits, and giving your employees less — but not with our cost savings model.

Inveni®  is a breakthrough technology created by mathematicians and benefit underwriters for benefit buyers. Inveni® controls the process of premium rate setting in ways never before possible. Our strategic relationship with East Coast Benefit Plans affords our valued clients the power of Inveni®.
Inveni® unlocks the door to controlling health insurance costs in a completely new way, and puts the power to affect real change in your hands…

Thanks to the acuity of Inveni®, a Boston-based non-profit facing a 10% rate hike (for its 483 enrolled employees), was able to negotiate a zero increase rate-hold, realizing a savings of just over $540,000.
A 140-person non-profit organization in Providence realized a savings of $154,500 when they harnessed the power of Inveni® to turn a 6% health insurance rate hike into a 5% rate reduction.

Get the details about Inveni® before you agree to your next health insurance renewal. Contact us at 800-535-0944 and ask for a demonstration or email

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